iRISE in Uttarakhand

iRISE in Uttarakhand


The iRISE Teachers Development Strand Phase 1 has been launched in collaboration with SCERT, Uttarakhand, signaling a significant initiative in the state's education sector. The successful completion of Phase 1 by a total of 372 teacher participants, organized into 6 distinct batches and  26 DIET Officers.

Considering the diverse geography of Uttarakhand, strategic planning led to the conduct of these batches in various districts, namely Dehradun, Tehri, Pauri, Nainital, and Almora. This approach not only underscores the commitment to statewide coverage but also acknowledges the unique educational landscapes within each district. 

The collaboration between iRISE and SCERT emphasizes a joint effort towards teacher development, ensuring that educators across different regions of Uttarakhand benefit from this comprehensive program. The successful completion of Phase 1 sets a promising foundation for continued advancements in the quality of education across the state.

In the initial phase, we have organized two distinct topic sessions, encompassing a total of four subjects. Each session is meticulously crafted, incorporating exclusive pedagogical techniques seamlessly intertwined with pertinent content to establish a direct correlation with the existing curriculum. 

We have conducted four innovation sessions, each uniquely concentrating on specific aspects:

  • Innovative in Teaching Techniques
  • 7i Model
  • Innovation in Nature (Uttarakhand as a Case Study)
  • Innovation: Inspire Manak Award Information

Each of these sessions delves into a distinct facet of innovative education, with a dedicated emphasis on critical thinking.The utilization of Uttarakhand as a case study in the session on Innovation in Nature adds a localized and practical dimension to the learning experience. The session on the 7i Model provides a structured framework for understanding and implementing innovation in problem solving. Moreover, the session on Innovation: Inspire Manak Award Information offers valuable insights into recognizing and encouraging innovation in the educational landscape. This comprehensive and purposeful approach aims to elevate the quality of education by nurturing a culture of innovation and critical thought among educators.


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