Vision & Mission


Our Vision

To create an ecosystem that promotes a culture of innovation and fosters growth of the scientific temper, creative and critical thinking via school education, academia, and industries in India. We envisage a robust collaboration between academic leaders and industry principals to create a road map for innovation to address the social, environmental, economic, and scientific challenges. Gender equity is an underlying theme across all the strands of the programme.

Our Mission

To enable excellence in research and innovation by:

  • Encouraging innovation at the school level by way of activity-based and inquiry-based learning methods through a robust teacher development programme.
  • Facilitating and enhancing partnerships and collaborations between researchers, industry, academia, and policy-makers.
  • Preparing Ph.D. scholars for a career in industry, entrepreneurship, and academia.
  • Creating an innovation road-map with Thought Leadership Forum.
  • Establishing a dialogue with industry leaders with priority to promote women in science basis CxO Forum.

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