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Early Career Researcher Development Strand

The current academic environment is extremely competitive, and the Early Career Researcher Development Strand (ECRDS) recognizes the need for continuous training of early STEM researchers to maintain their competitive status in the knowledge-based economy. The ECRDS is designed to help develop the next generation of research leaders, able to deliver real change to society through career development and training. This strand has the primary objective of attempting to bridge the gap between industry and academia with regards to early STEM researchers. This initiative persistently endeavours to create awareness and serve as an engagement mechanism for early career researchers through professional skill development and industry internships. This strand, especially concentrates on promoting and empowering women scientists and their contributions to society.

The Early Career Researchers Development Strand will support and enhance STEM PhD Scholars’ professional and skill development as well as industry exposure through several interventions. In the 1st Phase, the ECR strand aims to train 5000 Early STEM PhD scholars on various foundational skills. Further 500 PhD scholars will learn industry specific skills. Eventually the programme will place select 150 PhD scholars called iRISE Fellows for relevant industry internships.
The ECR strand connects these researchers to industry who are endeavouring to improve STEM education within and beyond schools. This programme aims to build the capacities of and provide opportunities to early career STEM education researchers by gauging the needs of the industry.

Benefits of being a part of the ECRDS

  • For PhD Scholars : A formidable opportunity to equip yourself with skills (delivered via online & offline modules) and be industry-ready after 8-12 week internships. Exposure to the industry will help you gain perspective and harness the option of a successful and enterprising career.
  • For Industry: The ECRDS Program is your engagement platform for eliciting intellect & enabling possibilities for STEM PhD scholars to excel in industry engagement by way of internships. This is also an awareness opportunity for the business to consider collaborative capacities on several relevant levels in order to harness the potential of the upskilled iRISE Fellows.

This program has been designed to be instrumental in developing relevant multi-faceted skill-knowledge and and imparting this knowledge to STEM PhD scholars with aspirations for a career in industry.


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